1. Paneling and mouldings

Siding Grade Extra


pines Lining extra – aerobatics for decoration.

Lining – the most desired timber in the market for the upgrading of various premises, including baths and saunas. It you can decorate the front of their cottage, or to lay a floor in the gazebo, to Refine internal wall bedroom or a child's room and transform a steam room on the site.
vagonka is plastic and wood, the latter pay more attention, because of its naturalness. The price of wood materials of the lining in Kazakhstan is set depending on grade of the products, its profile and the cost of the tree. As an example, you can specify that the wood from pine trees are in Almaty about two thousand, and the cedar siding in Astana will cost you five thousand tenge. And it's not the expensiveness of a city, but how expensive initially evaluate a certain breed of tree.
PTEM who need a perfect shaped Board for perfect decoration, you should purchase a bunk premium. With such material you will be able to embody all your design fantasies to life, giving the interior a gloss and refinement.
speciality in the construction industry are advised to choose the premium boards from the pine because the wood has good qualities for finishing and competitive price.
 wall panelling pine extra is the highest grade where there are cracks, knots, blue stain, pith. Its surface is perfectly smooth and evenly colored. Suitable for decorating of individual elements (walls or ceiling) and for solid cladding of the room.
sosnowa lining eco-friendly, beautiful, durable, resistant to external stimuli and produces compounds that are useful for the body.

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