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h2>Quirk - the final detail for a perfect ceiling.

repairs in the apartment or in the house – is an enormous work. Anyone ever experienced this, and understands how much effort, imagination and money to invest in your own home, then to enjoy a cozy and beautiful interior.
azrabotat own exclusive design space that's half the battle, much more difficult properly to handle the finishing work. Dismantling of window and door blocks, floors peretiranie, sticky new Wallpaper, ceiling decoration. 
kosmeticheskii or repair is started man, he's gonna need a lot of energy for its implementation, where the main thing is not to miss the smallest detail. At the final stage of repairs, we meticulously inspect their works: as if pasted Wallpaper, it's beautiful lay parquet flooring and there are ceiling joints or cracks.
potolok – one of the most important parts in the room, on which people pay attention in the first place.
pcity, bright  and perfectly smooth ceiling – is the calling card of a home. In order to avoid any errors on it, don't forget about ceiling moldings.
plintus ceiling or as it is called in construction terminology “hollow” – the final part, closing the gap between the ceiling and the adjacent Wallpaper. This thin and narrow element, installed at the junction of cladding wall and ceiling gives the interior a finished look. They are made of polyurethane, plaster, foam, polystyrene and wood. Ceilings are not the only place where you can use fillets. They can cover targets in the Windows, door openings and internal corners of a premise, but more often they are used for ceilings.
osobenno popular on the market of wood fillets, as they are not only used in homes but also in doubles. For steam you need to pick up ceiling moldings carefully, because there is high humidity and temperature extremes. They are made of firm breeds of trees that tolerate moisture. This lime, pine, larch, alder, oak.
PalTel hardwood is available in different models and configurations, and has a length of from 2 to 10 cm.

Important nuances when choosing ceiling moldings made of wood.

Plieva side fillets of wood planed and primed
Peyia humidity should be no more than 15%
on the finished product knots diameters more than 2 cm are unacceptable, and one meter length of the throat  should not be more than four healthy intergrown knots. Usually bitches dismantled, and the holes stoppered.
chervotkina, mold and cracks on the baseboard is invalid.
price: on wooden plinth is slightly higher than the same product from other materials. In Kazakhstan, they are sold in almost every store, where there is timber.
NIN Astana you can buy them in an average of 300 tenge and higher prices in Almaty are identical.
potdelka of wood in the interior has always represented luxury and exclusivity. Fillet, wall paneling, wood panels will make your room a special and refined atmosphere.


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