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Deck boards: characteristics and benefits.

floor covering in the room - one of the key moments in the development of buildings, because here it is necessary to consider each trifle. Solid floors should be durable, reliable, durable, moisture resistant and attractive.
NIN Kazakhstan one of the most popular and purchased flooring is deck Board. You can buy in one of the specialized supermarkets dealing in lumber. Its estimated cost in a number of cities of the Republic, including Almaty about 400 tenge per meter depending on the quality of the product and of the material used and workmanship.
This is the perfect coating for buildings that interact with water because even the name “the deck” speaks for itself. This coating is used in saunas and steam rooms, berths and vessels in the pools, and in conventional areas with moderate humidity. It is also sometimes called decking.
vizualno is smooth from all sides of the product with round chamfers without coupling system tongue and groove.
parametry have the deck boards are usually the following: from 2000 to 4000 mm in length, from 28 to 45 mm in thickness and from 70 to 190 mm in width.
PC of its main advantages is fashionable to include the following:
peffectly appearance and reasonable price.
optimally the moisture level reaches 12%.
otsutstvie sliding and resistance to deformation, fungi, rot and harmful insects.
prevoshodnye strength characteristics. The material does not fade, does not darken, crack and copes with high humidity and temperatures.

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