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Planken Board


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Planken – a fashionable trend in the interior.

the Number of consumers seeking to decorate your home with eco-friendly materials is growing every day. The construction industry also does not stand still, offering people more advanced materials for facades of dwellings.
NIN Kazakhstan appeared on the market of high-tech innovation – Planken. This is a new type of sheathing Board, successfully meet a number of requirements for construction materials. In Europe, these boards are used for nearly half a century.
pcto is IT?
ploska Planken – modern and natural cladding material from the timber, designed for finishing work. Unlike ordinary boards, it does not have sharp edges because they are beveled or rounded. It is also called facade Board.
podobny timber is great for landscaping. They can be clad facades steam rooms, cottages, saunas, restaurants, gazebos, patios and also create a interior decoration inside. Such sheathing boards, facade of the cottage is fully externally your house will look like wood.
pdenny material is divided into sloping and straight, where each of these types requires its own installation. Beveled Board installed lap, straight back to back, forming a small gap for a ventilated facade.
plesko tolerate fluctuations in humidity and temperature, which indicates its good resistance to external influences.
pcvita and texture is varied, which gives the possibility of matching with other timbers.
dlitelnyj life. At the production stage the material is cleared from knots, pockets and sapwood.
Montag that do not require specialized adaptations or equipment. Running vertically or horizontally.
harakteristiki hydro - and thermal insulation at the proper level.
ustroystvo ventilated facade
poverhnosti siding planks has the ability to breathe. In the production of formed natural ventilation with a very thin gap. Confining the Planck facade, the life of the insulation increases. The condensation is formed and the material does not rot. Environmentally friendly and natural material creates a microclimate, affecting the overall comfort.
PNU problems with the repair. If you accidentally damage any part of the facade boards to produce its replacement is not difficult.
To manufacture this facade boards prefer to use larch, cedar, oak, pine and some other trees.
kachestvennaya front boards – this is ideal for landscape and finishing works. With proper maintenance material that will last for years, retaining the attractive original texture.
peg the price depends on the type of wood from which it is made. The most expensive – extra grade, without any blemishes or fibers. Total cost is cheaper class “C” because of its roughness and knots.
kupiti such lumber in Almaty, where it will cost about two thousand tenge per square meter. In Astana it will cost you about such well amount.

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