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the Plinth of wood, as a final touch to the renovation.

When you perform repairs in your home it is important not to miss some small detail. 
chelovek spends a lot of time and effort to put in proper form the floor, walls, ceiling, Windows, doors. After seeing his work at the final stage, do not forget that choosing the right skirting boards is no less important than wallpapering.
he first level of the baseboards in the interior.
sushestvujut two types of moldings: floor and ceiling, but the latter is rarely used.
plintus – the final touch in decorating your home, creating a General image in it. Its main purpose is not only aesthetic but also functional. Example: coating of tree species in a wet environment it swells and shrinks in the dry. When mounting the flooring, an expert puts his free, leaving small gaps at the walls and floor of the room that the plinth and subsequently closed.
 Closing loopholes near the floor and walls, it hides all imperfections and creates the right harmony between furniture, floors and walls.
plintusa come in metal, plastic, wood, and MDF, but the most popular wooden plinth.
TIC advantages in that they are environmentally friendly and able to be combined with any floor covering, giving the interior a refined and solid feel. The interior looks more noble and complete, because the plinth wood is chosen not only for the ceiling and walls, but framing the door handles.
derevyanny skirting – this is a fairly old and popular form of finishing item, the price category that ranges from economy class to premium. Its production is used for spruce, pine, oak, beech and deciduous wood.
Pont has different profiles, the most popular of which is the profile with a narrow bottom part and a height of 60 mm. Externally, it has smooth lines, which facilitates the cleaning process.
pcakge the plinth wood is beautiful, sturdy and durable. When choosing such products for flooring, consider the overall appearance of the room and the materials used in it.
plintus outdoor wood to perfectly fit into the overall style of the interior. If the floor is made of oak, pick the outdoor elements of oak, and if of pine, it is pine. It is important to consider the size of the baseboards, because they are produced both in narrow and wide version.
osnovnym plus wide baseboards, is that they go well with any flooring, and skillfully hiding the joints and gaps between floors and walls.
arrow PS skirting is easier to install cabinets and furniture to the wall. Assemble them with different types of fasteners, liquid nails, clips and screws.
druga kind of skirting to the ceiling used to indoor, fully made of wood, or for finishing work in the baths and saunas.
selecting a skirting on the Kazakhstan market is huge. In each city (Almaty, Kostanai, Astana, Aktau), you can buy them at an affordable cost.

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