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the Shelf for a couple – General requirements.

Entering any steam room in Kazakhstan the first thing you pay attention to people – bath shelves. This is an important and key element in the construction of each bath. Comfort double room depends on the structural characteristics of shelf: from the location and material of manufacture.
raditsionny shelves consist of two components: the abutment and the Board where people lie or sit. The most correct option to place the seat in steps, as the temperature increases, and it is hard for people is at the same level. They are installed along the wall or the letter, depending on the preferences of the host bath.
Palki for sauna and bath: key recommendations.
Peggy the man himself decides how many beds will be in his steam room. But there is also need to focus on the size of the bath. If the steam room a little more than two meters, bench or lounger should be at two levels. At higher ceiling, establish the third level.
asstoyanie from ceiling to top-level varies from 110 to 120 centimeters, and the total gap between the levels of the beds is about 50 cm. Extremely low shelves to do is unacceptable, because the hot air will be located over your head and you won't be able to steam.
To those who are planning to take bath procedures provides bathers with a bench that slides out and is below the height of the first tier of the lounger. This is done for the convenience of bathers, so that it is not bent down too low or on the contrary did not stretch out my hand.
porni tier is designed so that the person will be in a reclining position, so its width may not be narrow. If a person wants to sit on the top shelf, it must also be convenient. The optimal distance in width on the top tier is about 65 inches, and the lower 40 to 50 cm. Lower shelves are used more for the seat.
pravilny the choice of material for the benches.
polok for the bath is made from hardwood timber, because their heating is not allocated resin capable of inflicting a burn the human skin. The most common materials for this purpose is lime and aspen. They are quite easy to handle, and their value is not high. Also for the manufacture of regiments in the bath used cedar oak and African Abachi are both having an incredibly attractive texture and excellent performance.
NIN a large bathing complexes Almaty quite common to see shelves of cedar and Abachi, as it is a very beautiful and practical. The price for them is around 1500 thousand tenge per square meter in Astana about the same. You can buy them in large construction organizations.

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