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Board for the terrace – an innovative product at a reasonable price.

today's designers are actively exploiting various sheathing and drill the materials in repair work.
zachastuju people choose eco-friendly products that not only perfectly fit into the interior, but also have excellent technical parameters.
Provasi Kazakhstan market bilwet different materials for construction, where the most popular was the deck planks intended for flooring.
This product, decking is made from sustainable wood, to which are sometimes added impurities plastic. In a final processing boards undergo specialized treatment compounds that provide her adequate protection from external influences.
pona is constructed of teak, larch, ash, oak, cedar and aspen. It is primarily used in outdoor environments, but sometimes it settles and the internal elements of the building.
pilomaterial has different sizes and colorful color range, and is activated when framing sexual areas of terraces, pergolas, loggias, piers, docks, paths, garden, and bath facilities.
PC technical properties of decking boards include the strength, durability, ability to withstand  physical and mechanical loads, temperature extremes, sun, moisture and precipitation. And among its main benefits to secrete smartness, sustainability, accessibility. Also it retains heat well, and its non-slip surface.
Terrasny Board for the bath is constructed from larch and steam from Linden wood.
deking decking is of the following types:
ploski made from natural wood.
ekologichnye plank of wood, heat-treated.
ploski of natural wood with the use of polymers.
ploska for floor decking made entirely of wood has the following features:
vystupy and grooves on the edges.
prodolny cuts along each plank.
Privlaka surface.
Segodnya such sheathing, the product can be purchased in different outlets implementing building materials. In Almaty, Karaganda, Shymkent, Astana and Durga cities of the Republic of the terrace boards can be bought for different prices depending on the General characteristics of lumber.

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