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the Area of tree functional features.

During the repair there are no trifles. You need to pay attention not only to the plywood Wallpaper and floor pouring, but such small details, like the corners.
NIN Kazakhstan sold plastic, metal and wooden parts. The most preferred angles of wood, because they are universal. They are functional, comfortable and thanks to the type of wood can transform the interior. Their price depends on the size. On average, Almaty, such angles are 300 tenge, in Astana, 300 – 350 tenge.
derevyanny area – this profile is of wood, made in the form of a right angle with a size of 90 degrees with equal sides. Its main purpose is to hide the inaccuracies and flaws in the finish on the outer corners of the imitation of timber, lining, block-house.
pcakge it is a great decor element for lining doors, Windows, window sills and ceilings.
size of parts is of fundamental importance because it determines the future destination of the product. The more massive the parts are designed for large cladding materials (timber imitation, block-house), and the corners of the lining should be smaller.
Pego humidity should not exceed 10-12%, and cross-section dimensions range from 10*10mm to 100*100mm. the Most common sizes in construction – 20*20 mm 60*60 mm, where the length of the angle is two to three meters.
samymi common materials for their manufacture have been basswood, pine, spruce, larch.
pelaut corners by a special treatment of workpieces of wood, after which the material is processed in several stages.
vrdp the assumption of the error at any stage, immediately determine this is impossible. In order to avoid problems in the future, the product must be made in accordance with all quality standards. When buying you should pay attention to its variety and humidity. Corners should always be dried, if the person is immediately unable to determine the raw wood or dried, you need to ask the certificate of quality from sellers. Before finishing the decor in the room, corners should preferably be stored in dark dry place at about 2 – 3 months.
pcac to choose the wooden corners?
vrdp choice of angles look  as to their form and size. Corners wood cladding for inner work surface has a smooth or decorated.
Narozhnyi corners, is designed for the cladding of Windows, doors and facades have a smooth, polished surface with the elements of thread.
size of the product, as mentioned earlier, depends on the material used. What heavier the material, the greater should be the size of the angle and Vice versa.
pered how to buy the parts from the tree, inspect them carefully. If the cost is not high, but the corners are rough and uneven, immediately discard this product, because it is either defective or of very poor quality.
ugolki of wood – unique moulded product, indispensable in the decoration, giving it a finished look. For those who buy a corner bath, you should know what kind of wood to choose from.
plussie corners for the steam room are made from basswood, larch and cedar, as these trees, when heated, do not emit tar, and do not conduct heat.

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