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  1. Economizer for stoves: a palette of advantages in a single Assembly for your steam bath.

Economizer for stoves: a palette of advantages in a single Assembly for your steam bath.

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A door for baths and saunas glass-190*70 cm

A door for baths and saunas glass-190*70 cm

29 500 Tenge
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Oh, and let's see what our ancestors many decades ago to think of the bathhouse, and the consequences of this idea is truly amazing!

Today, this idea became for the greater part of the population of the globe is already a tradition, because the modern man that cares about its appearance and health without the steam room and then his life can not imagine.

People called the steam room or sauna is an effective tool for healing and cleansing of the body, where you can enjoy relaxation for body and soul and returns the lost energy and strength. Besides visiting the steam room helps in curing many ailments.

Many people visit the Banya regularly, some prefer to ozdoravlivatj to commercial organizations, others prefer a private room for a couple of sessions.

Build your own steam can be economically, quickly and with little cost, the main thing competently to approach to this process, and consider all the nuances in the construction: the selection of finishes, doors, furniture and of course the stove!

Stove – a leading unit in the steam, without which the hover class will not work.

It is important to understand that any heating system used heat energy of combustion needs flue system, which in a case is a voluminous capacity for stones that will not let it overheat, and the heat will remain for a long time.

For furnace important the economizer to the chimney, which will be discussed in this article!


Lovers of good steam know what stones are best warmed up around the chimney, so water or herbal decoctions (as an option) they served it there.

Economizer, or as it is referred to as the mesh of the stones on the pipe is the team basket from metal to stones, which is placed in the ring from the chimney of kovanci.

The mesh of the stones on the pipe created in order to suppress the overheating of the bath tube, and ease surfing the radiation from it, as even and perfect heat accumulator.

As the name indicates, is used for stones in the steam rooms on this economizer water is supplied to gain steam.

the the Economizer to the chimney has an assignment, the essence of which is that the smoke passing through the flue system passes the heat into the pipe, rascala it and causing the drying air of the atmosphere in the bath.

Also, heat radiation can harm the human skin, so it is better to reduce.

Each course is quite useful, and many people put it in their steam room mandatory, but some are easier to build economizer stoves for yourself than to buy it in stores. Here you need to be careful, because nuances in its self-manufacturing and short (design features and material), and it is important to understand that you are really standing specialist who is able to cope with this task.

In General, buy economizer with specialized stores is not difficult, because almost every city of Kazakhstan there is a point of implementing this equipment for years. Several different choices in different cities, perhaps in larger cities such as Almaty, Shymkent, Astana or their range is higher than their compact counterparts.

Their prices depend on the size, design, diameter and manufacturer.

Economizer for stoves has a range of advantages:

1.Eliminates the possibility of overheating the tube by eliminating heat from the starter element. Sandwich for the chimney starter item better not be used, because the load of heat here elevated and the insulator may crumble.

2.A brilliant adaptation of the infrared radiation from the chimney. Stones for a sauna incorporated in the mesh tightly, so the heat from the pipe they adopt for themselves.

3.The amount of metal the bath decreases, because it is clear that the expanded metal is less, the better. It turns out that the economizer for stoves eliminate the stainless steel, and looks like the grid is "dissipated" in the rocks.

4.Power heat flow equates the height of the steam room. It is not true when the stove heats well, and all that is above it – the cold.
Economizer for bath – this is how the stove over the oven.

5.Improves the regulation of the thrust, because the inside unit is mounted the valve to adjust the degree of opening of the tube, which helps to intensively control the combustion in the furnace.

6. Like blocks “departure” furnace heat in the pipe. That is, when the stove is melted, the valve cover where the furnace heat will not come out the tube, and will remain in the steam room for a good steaming and drying baths.

7.Becomes sources of evaporation. On the stones, buried in the economizer can take out the herbs. Combustion is excluded as the heater, but the evaporation is excellent.

8.Accumulation of heat, because the soft heat as needed in the bath.

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