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  1. What grill sell or the factors influencing its price?!

What grill sell or the factors influencing its price?!

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A door for baths and saunas glass-190*70 cm

A door for baths and saunas glass-190*70 cm

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Flavorful fish with a crispy crust, tender steaks, succulent kebabs, slow-cooked vegetables with “smoky" flavor and mouth-watering mushrooms will cause an absolute delight even the most whimsical gourmets. And then there's spring on the way and the imagination itself “draws” the attractive picture of a country picnic or relaxing in a country house.
To all this magnificence to make a reality, you definitely need your reliable and loyal assistant – grill.

Everyone knows that the grill-is a versatile thermal device design which allows you to cook a huge variety of dishes from kebabs to salads.

In Kazakhstan Greeley appeared not so long ago, but already became interested in our local chefs, because they allow you to prepare excellent meals outdoors in the company of loved ones.

In the system of grilling the nuances of not enough of fuel, methods of preparation, care, variations of ignition and much more.

As for prices, you when-ever wondered how much it should cost grill and what factors affect it?

Prices of grilling differ quite strongly, because they directly depend on the following characteristics.



Yes, Yes, size – the former matters because the higher it is, the wider the surface to work, and performance of course!
It is important to know why it is useful to you. For example, if not for commercial purposes, devices of industrial scale you don't need it. But for large institutions of a different story.

In their desire to please the guests of his restaurant juicy ribs and steaks, be sure to pay attention to the size, is obviously not the only customer wants to try your culinary masterpieces!

Type of equipment:

From the amount of fuel the prices of your grills, too, vary in the big or smaller party. Wood burning grills or design operating on the embers will cost cheaper than the models on gas or electric grills.

And what gives the smoke flavor the food. It would seem the most expendable option – ceramic grill, however, remember that these devices involved the coals, so to spend money on gas or electricity not necessary.

When you install the most expensive are built-in models.

The material of the pot and the grid.

Charcoal grills are made of steel and cast iron. The grid involves a stainless steel or cast iron, and in the case of some units used in heat resistant plastic that “throws” the price of gillnets. Ceramics saves heat perfectly, but is more expensive.


An important role in the cost of the hotel Greeley plays and the manufacturer, because it is important to take into account different financial possibilities of buyers, some prefer more low cost options with reasonable rates, others like the more famous and significant producers, where they will be provided with reliable service, and there are those who chooses exceptional leaders in the market such as “Weber”.

In addition to the main factors influencing the prices of different grills, there are also indirect:

The variation of cooking. Some grinnie units able to cook you only sausages, steaks, others may present with a whole array of dishes.
Care. Some modern models are equipped with special brushes and cleaning agents that greatly simplifies courting device. So manufacturers care about their customers, of course the price tag from it increases.

Additional (secondary) options.  Different management chips for the devices: automation, control, legs, timer, automatic switch-off and auto shut-off – will definitely affect the overall cost of the grill.

What kind of grill and what price you want to buy is up to you, however, excessive saving is punished sometimes low reliability and service life.

In Almaty there are specialty shops dealing with grills of various configurations and adaptations to it, where you can select and buy any model to suit you taste and budget.

If you give an example of approximate prices of various types of grills, where have taken into account the quality and warranty offered, they are as follows:

Charcoal grills: from 35 000 to 300 000 tons.

Ceramic grills: from 300 000 up to 1 000 000 tons.

Grills gas: 100 000 to 1 5 00 000 tons.

Wood burning grills: from 350 000 to 750 000 tons.

Built-in grills: 200 000 to 2 5 00 000 tons.

Electric grills: from 25 000 to 250 000 tons.

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