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Decking – types, characteristics, installation and mounting

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It can adjoin directly to the house or be away from him. Sometimes its location can serve as a roof. The design is quite varied:

  • area with decked floors or decking;

  • space with fencing and a shed;

  • the extension to the house which is partly or completely under his roof.

In the construction of terraces used wood, termed decking due to its functional purpose. Taking into account the operational conditions, the material must meet the most strict requests for strength, stability to temperature and precipitation, the ability for a long time to resist the aggressive effects of the environment.

Typical device of decking provides for the existence of the compensation grooves located in its full length on the back, designed to relieve tension with temperature fluctuations and humidity increases. To reduce the slip surface is often fine grooves with a depth of 1-2 mm (Antislip) is applied from the front side.

Installation of decking requires advance preparation, as well as creating a small slope to drain storm water. For wood flooring almost never used the technology of laying down the spike, between the boards leave gaps, not limiting the growth of the tree in hot weather and thus makes it possible to remove the phenomenon of deformation. The only exception is the decking wood-plastic composite mounted in a seamless way.

Principal decking

a classic option for decorating the terraces is the natural decking made from hard wood (cedar, oak), characterized by high density and a weak susceptibility to decay. Luxury finishes are often used moisture-rich colour palette of exotic varieties: Yarra, teak, rosewood, dipterix (Kumar), merbau and others. For the climatic conditions of Kazakhstan it is better to choose a floor covering of the terrace made of larch wood, which has:

  • high indicators of environmental safety;

  • excellent decorative characteristics (growth rings to create intricate patterns, natural colors with 12 shades);

  • pleasant tactile sensations;

  • special structure, only reinforcing the strength;

  • high concentration of resins that prevents moisture and insects;

  • health properties (antioxidants and allocates phytoncides, which are beneficial for the human body).

For a budget option, you can select decking made of thermally modified timber. It is made from the same pine-hardwoods, and ordinary flooring Board: ash, spruce, pine, walnut, etc. the Source material is first dried to humidity not exceed 10%. Then there is treatment with water vapor in the high temperature regime, after which repeated drying to remove excess moisture. At the final stage, the timber is subjected to gradual heating up to about 200 degrees. Heat treatment leads to evaporation of the chemicals (resins, wax, essential oils) and change the structure and color of wood, increases the strength, wear resistance, durability and many other, no less important, the quality and technical properties.

Thanks to the development of innovative technologies there is a polymer decking Board, also known as DPK. It is composed of milled (flour) fiber of natural wood, thermoplastic polymer and a complex of modifiers. This combination allows to reduce weight of the material to increase the mechanical, chemical, biological, and atmospheric stability. He is not prone to deformation and corrosion, waterproof, do not support combustion, can for 50 years to preserve the original aesthetics, because the dyes do not fade in the sun.

decking installation

the Most simple to implement laying decking is made by the method of pouring concrete cushion thickness of about 100 mm and a slight slope, roughly amounting to 1 cm per meter, which is required for drainage. Directly on the concrete Foundation put the joists-wood and hardwood, treated with a special protective impregnation (antiseptic). Having the basic skills and tools work to be able to do yourself.

more Complicated, but more reliable installation of decking when the joists are placed on the height adjustable supports. Between them and the base a gap is produced that provides the necessary ventilation movement of air flow under the flooring and also performs a protective function for the lag. This design is extremely reliable and durable, but to avoid the critical mistakes a project to attract professionals.

Distinguish between open and hidden ways of fastening decking boards. In the first case, it's a penetrating fastener, the second – a screw is screwed through sweat, which makes it look more holistically and aesthetically pleasing.

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