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  1. Equipment saunas with electric heaters.

Equipment saunas with electric heaters.

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A door for baths and saunas glass-190*70 cm

A door for baths and saunas glass-190*70 cm

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You have searched seemingly the entire Internet, but was unable to find a suitable furnace for your sauna? Company “Pinocchio» presents to your attention popular in Almaty electric stoves, which are used for heating steam. Using special control units have the ability to set a certain temperature in the sauna. Our catalog contains a variety of models of stoves for a sauna, which differ in size, power, heat and functionality.
Modern heating equipment for saunas are easy enough to use, and automated to improve security and user convenience. When you turn on the equipment in the network, a user installs a specific program of heating, then the room begins to fill with steam.
The design of the electric heater.
Furnaces of this type consist of three basic parts-the housing, insulation and electric heater. Such structures are made of stainless steel, external surface is covered with metal plates 2-4 mm thick. Inside the structure are vertical channels for ventilation. In the role of insulating material are arranged one behind the other steel shields.
The furnace body is filled with special, well-washed stones, the size of which can vary between 4-8 see a requirement to the stone fillers, is the high level of accumulation and further heat transfer. In addition, the stones have good to endure high temperature and resist cracking under the influence of moisture.
The safety of using electric stoves.
Before connecting the machine you must:
•    take Care of the grounding of the housing of the heating device;
•    Ground control;
•    Check the voltage with a megger;
•    make Sure to counter isolation.
Subject to the requirements of fire safety on next to the oven surfaces are placed non-flammable protective screens. To avoid electric shock in the concrete floor of the steam room at a depth of 50-100 mm establish a grid of steel. The main objective of this design is the potential equalization. Connecting the control panel and the stove wiring must be heat resistant and be placed in a metal tube.

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