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  1. Bath door glass in Almaty and their characteristics.

Bath door glass in Almaty and their characteristics.

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A door for baths and saunas glass-190*70 cm

A door for baths and saunas glass-190*70 cm

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Planning to buy doors in Almaty for the bath or sauna? As a rule, in such a situation, we think about two main factors of choice ─ the price and appearance. Define for yourself the price range, as well as fantasize on the subject of forms of doors and accessories. But being directly on site ─ in a specialty store, many are discovering a few nuances that must quickly be determined, as well as challenges that should be addressed. To avoid “surprises” and know about the glass doors everything you need to make a confident choice in their favor or to abandon those forever, read our ARTICLES section and this particular note!
Modern glass, used to make in Almaty, glass door for baths and saunas
Doors for baths can be very diverse, however, and the baths. But it is the door glass the most aesthetically suitable for saunas in modern design, as well as sauna in the apartment, and are now very popular. Because glass doors in Almaty have become quite popular among owners paired along with wooden.

New technologies and innovative equipment of the modern companies for the production of glass doors in Almaty allows to produce glass possessing several beneficial properties, it is the thermal insulation and soundproofing, as well as impact resistance and heat resistance.

1. First as important as itself-evident in a case. This possibility of rapid heating of the steam room and long temperature maintenance. Glass door it may provide.

2. Second, especially appreciated by those who settles a mini-sauna in Almaty in his own apartment. Mini-sauna can be located in the Studio apartment, or in a large bedroom and then other sounds from the steam room should not disturb those who are in the main room. Modern glass can provide a similar effect.

3. As for impact, the modern glass just to break very hard or almost impossible, without the use of a certain targeted strength. If this still happens with glass doors in the bath or sauna, the technology is such that this glass beats on many pieces neat shape (similar as it happens with automotive glass). Because of this, all the pieces are easy to discover and collect, not get hurt. And from scratches or scrapes can protect specialized security film, which can be ordered from the manufacturer separately.

4. Any bath glass door in Almaty is made of tempered type glass. This is a special production that promises us exposure bath glass doors up to 300 degrees of the pair of heating. In this case, the recommended thickness of the glass setting is 7 mm, at least.
Of models glass doors in Almaty.
The most interesting part of fun features glass doors for the bath or sauna, it is a choice of door model or design. In Almaty the glass door, you can choose from such varieties as:
•    doors made entirely of glass, without rim;
•    combined doors made of glass and wood;
•    doors made of glass transparent type;
•    door glass tinted type;
•    doors of frosted glass.
•    doors made of glass with sandblasted pattern.
Where to buy glass door in Almaty and that it was important to specify when ordering?
In Almaty, ordering a glass door for their bath or sauna, make sure that you correctly made all measurements. Omissions or incorrectly measured can lead to bias door after installation, loose closure, and the violation of the functions of heat and sound insulation, and other problems. Ideal ─ professional calculating materials.

Glass doors ─ products that require specific transportation conditions, and therefore it is good if the company you order a door that will provide you with professional delivery.

Order and buy the glass doors in Almaty for bath or sauna you can "Pinocchio" that openly demonstrates to future customers already implemented their orders ─ OUR PROJECTS, and does not hesitate to publish customer TESTIMONIALS!

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