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  1. Bath utensils, without which can not do.

Bath utensils, without which can not do.

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A door for baths and saunas glass-190*70 cm

A door for baths and saunas glass-190*70 cm

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the Cozy atmosphere in the bath can not be formed without pleasant things, so do not neglect important bath attributes. In this case we are talking about bath sets. What they are, and what amenities can come in?
How to choose a bathroom set which will delight both male and female?
A bathroom set can be a great gift for your friend or loved one.
Most importantly, the acquired set has brought practical benefits when visiting the baths, and not another useless trinket.
Bath – water purification, so there must be buckets, gangs, tubs, buckets. It is best if they are made of natural materials such as pine, larch and oak. Also, pay due attention to the coal and rocks that are required for good steaming.
The most important bath accessory, of course, a broom. Brooms are soft and hard, coniferous and deciduous. Oak, fir, spruce, birch, eucalyptus, juniper, sometimes combined – were collected from several tree species.

Equally important are the accessories – bed sheet, towel and thermometer. If you currently have a couple of sheets, preferably made of natural fabrics.
The thermometer in the bath is necessary, because without it you will not be able to determine the temperature and the humidity in the room.

The bath hat is a must-have accessory that protects your head from overheating when visiting the steam room. Styles bathing caps can vary within a wide range, both for women and for men. This familiar budenovka, and intricate caps, and hats in women's hats with brim, and simple hats, bells or conical geometric shape.
Bath sets present a wide range of linen, felt, cotton and felt hats. Best of all protects the head from overheating – felt.

Don't forget the gloves which also protect hands from burns.
Another element of comfort – bath Slippers. The best option – plastic or rubber. They are comfortable, hygienic and won't fall apart from moisture.
Indispensable thing in the bath-Mat. The mats are disposable and reusable. Disposable mats – cardboard litter. To reusable mats are felt, and mats made of wooden slats.
In the bath we wash, bathe, pour, and most importantly - get rid of the dirt! Here we come to the aid of a good loofah. None of the bath kit is not without pads. The most preferred sponges made from natural materials. Loofah, sisal, flax, bast, cotton, Chinese nettle is widely used in the manufacture of sponges.

These natural materials have strong antiseptic properties, perfectly cleanses the body, stimulate blood circulation and massage the skin, making it soft and /> Becoming increasingly popular cosmetic SPA sets for baths. It is the aromatic oils used for massage, and creams that contain clay and honey to cleanse the skin. Especially cosmetic sets women like, because during the bath treatment under the influence of cosmetic products on the skin much more intensively than in normal use. But if during the procedures to use scented candles, then the pleasure of visiting the baths will be doubled.
In conclusion, I want to answer the question. How to choose bath set for men and for women?
Mittens, hat, Slippers and litter – the perfect bath set for both sexes. If you add to your set of body scrub, honey, cosmetics for bath, pareo, then this set will be exclusively woman. A beer mug, washcloth, kilt, gloves talking about the men's kit.
However, universal sets, which include towels, flavoring concentrates, soap, washcloths, suitable for both men and women.


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