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  1. In Almaty hosted the exhibition AquaTherm Almaty 2016!

In Almaty hosted the exhibition AquaTherm Almaty 2016!

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A door for baths and saunas glass-190*70 cm

A door for baths and saunas glass-190*70 cm

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during the period from September 5 to 8 in the Palace of sports «Atakent” was held on 9-th international exhibition for domestic and industrial equipment for heating, plumbing, water supply, conditioning, ventilation AquaTherm Almaty 2016 and 23-th international building and interiors exhibition Kazbuild 2016.
This year the event was attended by 295 companies from 24 countries, and significantly increased the number of new exhibitors-more than 60 companies presented their products at AquaTherm Almaty and more than 180 companies exhibited their products at Kazbuild.
In KazBuild presented their goods at 295 companies from 24 countries, and 153 companies from 14 countries participated in the exhibition Aquatherm.
Japan had even submitted its collective stand. In addition to Japan their own stands represented such countries as Germany, Italy, China, UAE and South Korea.
In the opening ceremony of the exhibition KazBuild and AquaTherm Almaty 2016 was attended by representatives of local Executive agencies, the Department of Energy and the construction of the city of Almaty, and also representatives of foreign States & ndash; the consuls and the authorized persons from 12 States.
Our company “Pinocchio and”, also took part in it presenting on its booth products for baths and saunas.
In addition to the traditional range, including brooms, tubs, steaming, stones for baths, essential oils, wood products, we presented the novelties that have appeared only in 2016.
1.Products from Himalayan salt, salt lamps, tiles, bricks, and rossina chopped salt and pebbles.
Himalayan salt-this salt is mined in the foothills of the Himalayas, which contains over 80 minerals, which include iron, which gives it a rich shade of pink.
Himalayan salt is applicable in cooking, construction and interior, and, of course, for baths and saunas. It may be an ordinary salt lamp that you put on the table, and can be a murals that you'll hurt my wall in the steam room. When heated, this salt ionizes the air, thereby obezzarajivatei it, and when used as a food it gives the dish a rich taste. It cleanses the body of toxins, improves the circulation of blood and lymph, strengthens the immune system.
2. Stove for sauna Christina and pink.
Heater “Christine” is unique in that its heating element is freewheeling and flat heating elements (Penny) of its own development. Their advantage is that unlike conventional Heaters, they don't burn “oxygen”, saving up to 12% of the electricity is practically not burn out and very quickly and efficiently heat the room.
Furnace «Ermak» boast free transformation, which is their key feature!
A wide range of additional options people can from 10 presents the basic models are able to complement about 65 modifications of furnaces based on their preferences based on the room dimensions and technical specifications.
Special attention should be paid to the baptismal font and cedar mini-sauna. Although not new this year!
Font of cedar – it is a storehouse of health in conjunction with incredible pleasure. Resorting to such a font, you are relaxing and breathing in the pine pine air you get a lot of useful substances for the body.
Mini – sauna – this super - thing, which cannot be by! Just imagine that now any resident of an apartment or small house can have the house ready steam. The effect of it is fantastic, and the main thing with installation is no problem. Our experts will do everything themselves, and you will only enjoy the bath procedures and improve your health!
Finally I want to add such events as the exhibition AquaTherm Almaty 2016 and 2016 exhibition Kazbuild-this is a fantastic opportunity not only to examine all the novelties and tendencies of the market, but also to increase its clientele in the midst of the construction season.
We want to thank all the participants for their interest in our products and we look forward to continuing fruitful and mutually beneficial cooperation.

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