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  1. The equipment for baths in Almaty all varieties

The equipment for baths in Almaty all varieties

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A door for baths and saunas glass-190*70 cm

A door for baths and saunas glass-190*70 cm

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You require modern high-quality equipment for baths in Almaty from a trusted manufacturer at an affordable price? Company “Pinocchio» ready to offer you such conditions!

Various models of equipment for baths in Almaty from the company "Pinocchio" is:

the largest electronic product catalog;
the best for customers price list;
regular promotions for discounts and up to date innovations in the field of the equipment for baths and saunas;
the most convenient terms of delivery of the purchased products;
free online consultation master;
an open and transparent format of work with clients, read customer reviews and leave their own impressions about the cooperation with us!
Varieties of equipment for baths in Almaty

In Almaty the equipment for baths today presented a variety of models of all shapes and sizes, can meet the needs of the baths of small volumes (10 cubic meters) and the commercial pair of impressive size (36 cubic meters). Moreover, the products may be either universal, or made specifically for the Russian baths. Such products for the bath have some differences from the products for saunas.

plans to build a steam room in Almaty and equipment with modern technology, we should not forget that the amount of work is not limited to the selection of furnaces for baths and laying the lumber room. When equipped with the steam room will also need:

the timber of different kinds;
doors for baths and saunas;
electrical equipment (lighting and color therapy, control panels, infrared devices);
special accessories for interior decoration;
water heaters;
water treatment systems;
water treatment systems;
facing materials;
thermal insulation materials;
protective sheathing and much more.
Some suppliers of equipment for baths in Almaty offer even waterproof audio equipment for creating special atmosphere and set the mood having a rest in the steam room!

Selection of necessary equipment for baths in Almaty from the company "Pinocchio"

Find everything you need ─ the motto of our specialists! The experienced staff of our company will help you to find the material or product for meeting the technical needs of your bath, but also meets your aesthetic preferences. You just need to contact them for help in any of the ways presented in the section "CONTACTS".

Principal of the equipment for baths in Almaty from "Pinocchio":

furnace: wood and electric stoves, models of the Swedish Cuirassiers, Finka, Lithos, Corbis, Rolling Stones, and furnaces of the company «Greivari» convenient for installation and easy to operation;

doors: hardwood (solid type with polished/decorated finish, with metal inserts or decorative thread), with partial glazing (glass inserts in the form of Windows or stripes the full length of the door), glass (made from heat-resistant glass thickness 8 mm transparent/frosted/patterned), including doors from the world famous company Harvia (Finland);

accessories: tubs and tubs, buckets and brooms, clocks and thermometers, stone products and other original pieces of various shapes, colors and sizes to decorate and create a special unique atmosphere that distinguishes your bath from all others (all items are made from eco-friendly materials without the use of toxic substances and impurities).

All presented in Almaty the equipment for baths from "Pinocchio" is made by special technology, based on the level of humidity and temperature, characteristic of the baths, and therefore it is strong, durable and safe.

the Equipment for baths in Almaty from the company "Pinocchio" ─ reliable and high quality products at affordable prices!

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