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Font what is: types, characteristics, how to choose a font for a bath

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A door for baths and saunas glass-190*70 cm

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Russian bath has not always enjoyed widespread popularity. Their sauna traditions we have tried to impose many Nations - Greeks, Turks, Finns. But only survives the test of time. Today Russian bath choose this as a great way to relax, recharge energy and good spirits, healthy, and just relax. But not all fans of such leisure know what is the font.

In fact, font is a large wooden barrel filled with cold water. Font for a bath was a mandatory item in the times of our ancestors. If the possibility to set the font wasn't, people just dived into the pond or even in the hole nearby. That is why baths were often built near a river. Over time, the appearance, form and even material fonts have changed, but the fun of them is still indescribable! the

Why you need a font?

The font baths are very good for health. Flushed after a hot bath and vigorous birch broom after a dip in the plunge pool gets so powerful energy charge of vivacity enough for a week, or even two. Doctors always recommend the tempering, because with the help of a sharp change in temperatures, you can:
to improve blood circulation and heart function;
to make the skin more elastic and smooth;
enhance the mood.
Also the water in the pool can be saturated by minerals and oils that will create an additional barrier against infections and heal the body.

To hot tub bring you the most use and enjoyment, is a responsible approach to her choice, and not to focus only on a photo of your favorite model. the

Types of fonts

The types of fonts klassificeret in form, but also by material type. They can be round, square and oval. Form depends on your preferences, sizes font for the bath can be restricted by room size or number of people that will visit the bath. The quality characteristics are not affected, in contrast to the material. Font made of wood, plastic, metal and concrete. The first is the most popular and in demand.
Wooden baptismal font can also be of several types:
cedar - this tree is very rich in essential oils known for their beneficial properties. A few hours after the procedure to notice the improvement of your skin. Phytoncides, contained in the water of this barrel, strengthen the immune system;
larch is long-lasting and durable natural material that practically does not rot. This plunge pool will help you relax, reduce pressure, increase General vitality and immunity;
oak - oak wood is known for its regenerative and anti-inflammatory properties. Bathed in an oak tub, you will notice how fast his wounds heal and how to sleep better.
Also the font for saunas can be beech, birch and pine. Wooden barrels is always better than artificial, so the look is much more aesthetically pleasing and have useful properties and not merely serve as a container for cold water. It is in a wooden hot tub felt like bath.
Optional design can be equipped with hydro-massage, water heating system, water filter, ladder and other items that will help make your stay even more enjoyable.

How to choose a font?

In order for the font to serve you long and efficiently, you need a responsible approach to the choice and learn basic criteria:
the number of people - the size of the font depends on the available space and how many people will use it. You can buy as too little and too much barrel, which will lead to additional costs, because the time for heating water will require more. Ordinary small font in a barrel can be installed even in the apartment;
place of installation - as the font versatile and mobile, they can be installed not only indoors but in the open air;
form fonts - in addition to their preferences, should evaluate the square footage. Consider the design without corners, if you do not want to face the stagnation of water.
material - despite the fact that the tree has healing properties, it requires appropriate care. Without it, the font will become dry, or Vice versa, swell.
frequency of use and type of water heating - wood, electric or gas. The choice of type depends on how much time you have for heating water. It is also worth considering the economic use of all resources;
performance - better to study the guidelines for the care of the product to avoid additional costs. This is especially true of those owners bath, who plans to use the font in a certain season.
warranty - before you buy a font, make sure the reliability of the manufacturer and the presence of guarantees.
Also before buying you should consult specialists that have experience with fonts of different shapes and of different materials. Managers online store “Boards” always ready to help you make the right choice! the

Setting up fonts

Wooden baptismal font can only be installed on a perfectly flat surface. If it is not, under the legs you can put a special plastic lining. When the capacity takes its place, put the drain hose, but make sure that the drain was located not higher than 10 cm from the floor surface. One end of the hose is fixed in the hole font, with the pad, the other down the drain. 
After the installation works are completed, be sure to check the fastening hoops around the boards. Their tension should not cause doubts, and only then the tub can be filled with water.

In the online store “Boards” has everything you need for a relaxing, refreshing and healing bath!

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