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  1. Aspen or basswood for the bath: how to make a decent choice?

Aspen or basswood for the bath: how to make a decent choice?

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A door for baths and saunas glass-190*70 cm

A door for baths and saunas glass-190*70 cm

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We all know how useful healing effect of the stay in the steam room, created a certain climate and a covering of wood. The best finishes – a lining for baths, which are made of natural wood.
One of the most prominent disputes around Russian bath-house is the optimal choice of wood for the cladding of steam. And basically, most of the discussion of the debate is connected with two varieties – molded lime aspen. Let's start with the fact that both species of wood, whether molded lime for the bath or its aspen counterpart, possess a brilliant performance. What wood to give their final preference will tell our next structured information.

Many builders believe that the fake paneling – an excellent option for covering steam, because of her worthy qualities. One of its key advantages is its beautiful texture and exquisite aroma that are so attractive to future visitors to the steam room. Although other characteristics not least:
Molded lime for baths exude resins, and little to no heat, which allows it to withstand high temperatures. Damage and cracks is practically eliminated, due to its dense structure. The material is easy to install, easy to replace or upgrade unwanted items. The unique healing properties that positively affect the human nervous system.
To her disadvantage can only be attributed to the fact that it requires more thorough care. To molded lime would save a presentable appearance, not yellowing and was not cracked, it should be treated with special products. And to regularly ventilate in order to avoid mold or fungus.

Now let's talk about the wood of aspen for the steam room. Builders believe that aspen – a worthy alternative to the lime, which is also a whole range of wonderful qualities. And the question – what wood is best, they focus on all the qualities and the ratio of reliability with the cost of the material. Under these criteria aspen wins the championship, because its price is significantly lower than her fake congener.
So the paneling aspen has the following advantages:
Aspen has a refined white hue, and looks quite presentable in the steam room.
Due to its high tensile strength, it has a fairly long service life. He added that if aspen are protected from putrefaction and properly treated, it is a very durable material for a sauna.
The brilliant properties of thermal insulation, conserves cozy temperature in the steam room for quite a period.
Paneling for bath aspen also has remarkable healing properties. Wood exudes volatile, which beneficially affects the immune system and the nervous system.

Finally, we note that you have the right to decide which material should be selected for the plating bath. However, remember that your preferences might be subject to not only individual taste but also a proven track record in the wood, and the recommendations of experts. Focus not only on the exquisite appearance of the tree, or its low price and its quality or physical traits.
Add that to buy a molded lip in Almaty or its aspen counterpart can be in specialized stores.

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