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  1. Jade bath Royal gift for your steam bath!

Jade bath Royal gift for your steam bath!

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A door for baths and saunas glass-190*70 cm

A door for baths and saunas glass-190*70 cm

29 500 Tenge
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If you have already established themselves on the site comfortable Bariloche, and now taken aback by the question, what stones for baths, buy in Almaty, we will please you, that their choice is so great that with the implementation of such desire problems do not arise. Modern bath segment really pleased with the variety of products for steam – from stoves and stones to lumber and plates. And regarding the question, what are the stones for sauna you should buy, you should focus on what exactly you expect from their use. The fact that starting to look for the best bath stones in Almaty, you will realize that they are all good. Any bath stone is beneficial for the steam room, here only the operational properties of different stones, and several different effects on the human body. That is the stones for sauna kindly always affect a person, only to find they need based on their needs. Today we want to tell you about this wonderful mineral as the jade!


One of the most mysterious and beautiful minerals that are open to our planet Earth is Jade. Many of the earth's inhabitants represent it as space rock, due to his extraordinary strength. Also, it is incredibly beautiful, although found in nature in different colors this mineral – and bright stones with greenish and yellowish tinge, and absolutely black jade, who extended the title of one of the most unique and rare stones. Historians say that Jade is initially produced in China, where people believed that it is part of one of the crashed meteors. Later, however, the origin of the stone has repeatedly disputed, and some experts say that the earth is a notorious breed, transforming their color, by changing the pressure of the soil and weather conditions. However, around jade was always a lot of talk and rumors, and today the breed is widely used in steam rooms, jewelry and design.
Whatever was said, jade can be called unique stone. He vigorously used in the saunas and parrocca on massage sessions during the creation of furniture. Also it will help transform gardens, parks and houses, and even the decorations are! In the esoteric to the jade is treated with special respect because it improves the aura, rejuvenates, and helps get rid of different ailments.


Jade has long been used for medicinal purposes as massage and steam rooms. Interesting is the fact that even scientists acknowledge that wearing the stone on your body significantly increases not only the resistance to disease and improves the quality and duration of life. The stone has powerful healing properties, and according to scientists it promotes healing, even from cancer. He is also a brilliant doctor if you are allergic, but the power he shows in the bath, because when heated its properties increase significantly. the bath Stone Jadet cures urinary tract and kidneys, improves potency and stabilizes the pressure and activates the heart and joints. It favors the improvement of appearance and skin tone, but also conducive to a more dynamic operation of the metabolism. the Bath stone has brilliant antiseptic qualities and improves the overall mood of a person and promotes the elimination of toxins from the human body!

For use in parrocca recommended a lot of stones, however, the emphasis of selection is on the jade due to the following factors:

- Durability – here is one of his key qualities. Safely assume that by purchasing once the bath Jade stone, it will be in your use for decades.
- Amazing strength. Indeed this mineral is stronger than steel.
- Higher heat capacity. Really, it is extremely difficult to find natural stone is more heat than this!
- Keeps excellent temperature. the bath Stone Jade creates a soft heat, which contributes to the proper relaxation.
- Fire. It is absolutely not scary open flames, it is his even temper. Recommended even to carry out special treatments for the prevention of jade.
Prestige. Jade is not only incredibly attractive but also prestigious. In China this stone was even used as a means of payment, and the Aztecs were propelled him higher than gold. It had also created things for great people. For example: wand of Nicholas 2 and the tombstone for Alexander the Third!

Finally I will add that stones for the furnaces in the bath are different, and they are all necessary in the steam room and will definitely bring some benefit to humans. However, jade – is the one mineral species, which will not stand even the most demanding and capricious attendant, as this is one of the most fantastic stones for sauna in the entire history of mankind!

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