Electric furnaces for baths in Almaty. - buy in Almaty and Kazakhstan: price, cost in "Pinocchio"
  1. Electric furnaces for baths in Almaty.

Electric furnaces for baths in Almaty.

Things to buy
A door for baths and saunas glass-190*70 cm

A door for baths and saunas glass-190*70 cm

29 500 Tenge
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2 5 days

Everyone who thinks about the construction of baths, is faced with the choice of the heating system. Company “Pinocchio" brings to your attention high quality electric furnace Almaty, which compares favorably to wood-burning or coal structures by its compact size.
Advantages and disadvantages electric furnaces
The equipment offered by us is quite comfortable to use and can be used for baths and saunas. Despite the fact that many residents of Kazakhstan prefer using wood burning boilers from electricity furnace characterized by the following advantages:
•    the Small size, which does not create a feeling of clutter in the room.
•    Quick warm-up in the air and good heat preservation properties.
•    Comfortable control, which is provided specifically referred to the panel and the panel with LEDs. You can always regulate the performance of heating in accordance with their own wishes.
•    not ye that weary additional preparations in the form of firewood, as well as their storage.
•    Such boilers do not leave garbage after work, and so you don't have to clear the room of steam from wood chips and ash.
As with any design to working from the electrical networks of heaters have their disadvantages:
•    When using such a boiler, together with the warmed air of the room is filled with electromagnetic radiation that is quite harmful for the human body. Therefore, for security, you should turn off the heater for the period of stay in the steam room.
•    This heating system consumes a lot of electricity, which is not exactly beneficial in economic terms.
The rules of choosing a boiler for furnace
When deciding on the choice of equipment for the bath, you should focus on the immediate. Usually manufacturers indicate on each boiler operating power equipment. But when selecting heating design should also pay attention to the insulation of the ceiling and walls of your sauna. Every poorly insulated surface is the cause of significant heat loss.
In determining the amount of heated area is not necessary to take the boiler back to back, and it is better to buy more powerful equipment. Also preference should be given to the heaters, with thick walls.


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