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  1. Coal furnace - a lot of steam and heat!

Coal furnace - a lot of steam and heat!

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A door for baths and saunas glass-190*70 cm

A door for baths and saunas glass-190*70 cm

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Today, in many suburban homes feature a private bath, because the steam room is intended not only for bathing but also for heating of the entire body, getting rid of a cold and improve immunity. It is to achieve a health effect, it is important to choose the right heaters for recreation. Coal furnace in Almaty are very popular, because this fuel is affordable and has a high effectiveness in heat transfer. Comfortable, practical, safe and modern models of heating devices you will find in the "Pinocchio".
The advantages of constructions of coal-fired furnaces
Boilers designed for coal for long burning, and therefore they cannot be used in an intensive work mode. Suitable such designs are solely for equipment, private baths, which do not pursue commercial goals. Such designs have the following advantages:
•    the Use of anthracite fuel is economically viable. Because this fuel has the property of long-term decay and good heat dissipation;
•    Contrary to popular belief on the ever-present dirt anthracite burns clean enough not to bring extra hassle for cleaning;
•    Your steam room to be filled with a special air that is not only pleasant to warm up the body, but will also have a healing effect.
Building coal-fired furnaces
These heaters can be completely different designs and parameters. Boilers for coal made of heat-resistant materials and designed to withstand very high temperatures.
Because of the work with extreme heating of such structures must be equipped with a protective screen, which consists of stainless steel with a thickness of about 2 mm and coated with a chrome layer is not less than 13%. This element protects the furnace from the danger of burn-out, and significantly increases the life of the boiler. Also, such structures have a built-in fireplace that leads out of the room malicious burning products.
Choosing a heating system for the bath it is important to consider its capacity, because different devices are able to warm up the space a certain volume. It is also worth considering heat transfer of the boiler, which has a direct impact on the amount of consumed fuel.

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