Ovens for bathhouse in Almaty and their types
  1. Ovens for bathhouse in Almaty and their types.

Ovens for bathhouse in Almaty and their types.

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A door for baths and saunas glass-190*70 cm

A door for baths and saunas glass-190*70 cm

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What are the furnaces for baths in Almaty today you can buy, what the prices are in the region and where to order product? Interested in the answers to these questions, then you came to the right site! We study the modern market of equipment for baths in Almaty all varieties give examples of models and prices of the products, and also help to make the right choice for a relaxing and enjoyable bath!
The range of furnaces for baths in Almaty.
The modern market of furnaces for baths in Almaty incredibly rich. It is possible to make a selection on a material of manufacturing and method of operation, location and size of the furnace, and depending on the form of the bath, whether traditional or modern steam mini-sauna. One of the ways of separating ─ this allocation of furnaces, steam generators and furnaces-heaters. Read more about the distinctive features of the furnaces of this type, read the article Choosing the furnace for a bath.


Significant figures is called compactness and compliance with fire safety standards. The main criterion for the selection of a type of furnace called the heat capacity. Heater should quickly heat the whole space of the steam room and adjacent spaces, maintain temperature, and then dry and fresh space. Besides, this power, for greater convenience, should be even and wide control range. The data on performance should be indicated in the technical passport of the product. Standard type of oven 30 liters is about 15-18 kW of power.
The types of furnaces for baths in Almaty.
Continuing the theme of capacity bath furnace, it is necessary to mention their separation into subspecies according to this parameter.

Types of furnaces for baths according to the type of power control:
•    depending on the feed resource in the period of time (difficult for wood stoves due to the inertia of combustion);
•    with the release of the excess (suitable for wood burning stoves with the specialized design of the damper);
•    with a specific limit of volume of air (opening doors).
Another way of separating the ovens of the types ─ production material:
•    metal;
•    brick;
•    a combined version.
This parameter determines the operational life of the product. Here, the maximum performance chromium steel models. In addition, these units operate without the effect of “burning oxygen” in the steam room. What types of metal furnaces for baths in Almaty the most popular. To them it is not required to prepare the Foundation, they are compact and take up little space, rapidly coping with a warming sauna rooms. They are distinguished by easy installation and easy maintenance. But the brick oven in need Foundation, warmed up for a long time, they are not easy to melt. But if you build a traditional sauna in the classic Russian style, I dream to splash on the hot bricks of a water-filled bucket, all kinds of doors for baths have chosen wood, and a metal stove you can fit in the interior of baths of this type ─ combined version. This involves lining metal furnaces decorative bricks on the type of screen.

the location of the furnace:
•    normal;
•    extra long (Assembly in the opening of the wall oven can heat from the outside of the steam ─ in the adjacent room, which provides fire safety).
Type of fuel:

the Wood. The quality of the furnace depends on the quality of the wood and the skill of the Stoker, which is not true on alternative models. Subtypes:
•    wood up to 12 cubic meters;
•    wood up to 22 cubic meters;
•    wood more than 22 cubic meters;

Electricity. Are easy to install.
•    electric up to 12 cubic meters;
•    electric up to 22 cubic meters;
•    electric more than 22 cubic meters;

Gas. Gas furnace in Almaty and their characteristics are well studied by specialists and it is widely used in the development baths. However, these require mandatory participation in the installation of specialist and the relevant allowing documents.

Types of furnaces for baths with a good heat accumulator and the steam generator gives the ability to adjust modes dry sauna or Russian bath. However, this, as well as the size of the furnace and the stove where ─ is not so much important quality characteristics as individual preferences of the customer.

Professional assistance in the selection of furnaces for baths in Almaty.
From stoves depends not only on the fresh fire of the steam saturation, softness, heat, and the heating rate, because it is so important to choose and buy the most suitable your steam the product that will best suit you in all respects.

Assistance in this difficult case is provided by specialists of the company "Pinocchio". Visit our site CONTACTS and contact us, or click “SEND REQUEST" and to the accomplishment of the dream of their own luxury steam room will remain one step!

Modern furnaces for baths in Almaty from "Pinocchio" ─ safety, quality, availability!


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