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  1. Lumber pine siding, timber, furniture, lining.

Lumber pine siding, timber, furniture, lining.

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A door for baths and saunas glass-190*70 cm

A door for baths and saunas glass-190*70 cm

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1. Feature Pine
Pine forest, evergreen, slender evergreen tree reaching up to 40 m in height, with muthucumaraswamy branches. Bark red-brown toward the apex brownish-yellow. Generally distributed in forest and steppe zones of the European part of Russia, Siberia, North Kazakhstan, and less common in the far East.
Pine forest is one of the main tree species . Growing pine tree on sand, sandy soils, peat bogs.
Thanks to the beautiful structure of the wood, timber, pine gets a very aesthetic appearance.
2. Properties lining of pine
Almost the most popular of the  finishing materials  is the pine paneling.Low cost and good quality options withdrawal the use of lining and lining of pine in the most cost-effective and reliable ways of furnish of premises of any type. Lining made of pine can be used for both external and internal  works, making the durability, beauty, high heat and sound insulation properties of the sheathing.
The quality offered by our company is of high quality lumber , but also a cozy appearance.
Features and benefits lining made of pine
•    Vagonka pine is durable, resistant to the formation of rot, it has antibacterial properties;
•    the Wood of this coniferous salatino has an attractive yellow color and a pleasant aroma.
•    the wood pattern is beautiful, which allows not to use additional staining techniques. In addition, pine is perfectly amenable to treatment, which allows it to look perfectly smooth.
•    Very affordable price.
•    the pine Paneling used for interior sheathing of the premises for any purpose, except the pair in the baths  (allocated at high temperatures, droplets of resin can burn people or damage bath accessories). Exterior finish of this product is beneficial when you need to sheathe a reliable, beautiful and inexpensive material.
•    regards, 
the company's team of Pinocchio.

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