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  1. Hamam – the epitome of luxury East taking care of your body.

Hamam – the epitome of luxury East taking care of your body.

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A door for baths and saunas glass-190*70 cm

A door for baths and saunas glass-190*70 cm

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have You ever visited a Turkish bath? If you have not visited, you probably know about these guys. Delving into the history interesting is the fact that the concept of ‘Hammam" does not belong to the Turks, they called it "Hamam". Travellers in his time, learned in the East about the structure of the Hamam and called it a Turkish bath. Although this is not entirely true, because the progenitors of the first, the so-called Thermae, were the Greeks. Later the Romans borrowed from them the technology of using hot steam rooms. And then during the conquest of the lands of the Romans, the Turks learned their secrets from the Arabs.
Therefore, the phrase "Hamam" appropriated to the baths of Turkey, the Arabs. The term "Hamam" in Arabic means “spreading the heat”. Subsequently, the prophet Muhammad, consider the bath almost Holy place was influenced by the fact that in Turkish cities hamams became widespread. He believed that the Hamam is not only the body eliminates dirt, but also enlightens the soul.
After a time, the hammams spread throughout the world, and today  Turkish Hamam in Almaty have become increasingly popular among the population, involving the local contingent with its elegant interior and sparing the climate.
This is not surprising, because Turkish bath Hamam has a very specific climate, where there is almost one hundred percent humidity at a temperature of from 30 to 50.
Such tropics allow people not only to relax, but also to derive significant benefit from paired treatments.

Sleek, sophistication and magnificence – three words that could not be more precisely characterize the Hamam. The so-called Turkish bath Hamam is famous for its luxurious interior in Oriental style, decorated with original ornaments in the form of a mosaic. Is a steam room with a domed ceiling for easy draining steam on the walls, where the walls, beds and marble floors. For heating marble surfaces, they are equipped with a special system of hot pipes. Cold stone becomes warm and spreads a soft warmth to the room.
People who are accustomed to the traditional steam rooms will certainly wonder: how to bathe in a Hamam? There is nothing complicated, but let's see what kind of miracle is a Turkish Hammam?
In the East the baths there are three main rooms: the locker room (camekan), warm room (liklik), and hot room (hararet or sicaklik). Removing the clothes in the initial room, a man wrapped in a towel and wearing shoes made of wood, to keep feet. Hamam, the temperature of which reaches 35 gamecase With gently warms the body before further treatments.
The so-called liklik considered a relaxation room allows you to relax over tea after the treatment in a hot room. The temperature is elevated, but tolerable.
The room with the highest heat is heated to a temperature of 50 to 100C, where there is a pool but not for swimming, but for the humidity.

Feature similar to steam, where the Hamam, the temperature of which is acceptable has such high humidity that can reach  a hundred percent. It turns out that the body is warmed not by temperature but by moisture. The question how to bathe in a Hamam, will reply that such steam involves certain complex procedures.
First you need to warm up and relax the body after a professional attendant performs a ritual Cup, where with the help of manual exfoliation rubs the body with massage movements. In the end, the skin is cleaned and all the toxins come out.
Then follows the third procedure-foam soap massage, which is held on the stone gebek-Tashi, set in the middle of hararat. The visitor lies on a flat marble stone where his body massaged hard sponge with thick foam. In the end you get not only a great peeling, but also increase the tone of blood vessels, the cleansing of the upper respiratory tract and stimulation of the metabolism.
After the massage, rinse in warm water and iskupitel in a cool pool. Ends with a visit to the Hamam that man returned to the relaxation room where you can relax and drink green herbal tea.
Turkish bath Hamam - is not only a source of relaxation and enjoyment, but also an excellent tool for health. According to the doctors Hamam, has beneficial effects on almost all systems of human activity. Or to be more precise, clears the skin, removes toxins, normalizes the sebaceous glands, improves blood circulation and metabolism, strengthens the immune system.

the DOOR AS an IMPORTANT part of the HAMAM.
Today, along with other baths Turkish bath Hammam has firmly taken its place among the paired fans not only worldwide, but also in Kazakhstan.
Without it, practically has not done any major bath complex, and among private Hamam baths is gaining popularity. With bath complexes is understandable, but the owners quite difficult to build a bathhouse on the site, because you need to transfer all of its nuances, and be sure to consider the interior.
Many companies are ready to equip Turkish bath in the apartment, well, in fact you will receive the steam supplied to the steam cabin or improved bathroom. The climate in this case, the transfer may, and enchanting atmosphere of the East is unlikely.
However, are you the owner of a large bath complex or decided to build a Turkish parilman your site, keep in mind every little thing. Special attention deserves the door to the Hamam. Of course, bath doors in Almaty are sold almost at every step, but the door to the Hamam – it is quite another matter and requires a separate discussion.
Let's start with the fact that not every door will fit, we need something special.
Doors Hamam are made from 6 – 8 mm glass. No detail should contain the tree, because the bath constant humidity and steam. The box and handle is made of aluminum or bronze is of good quality. The door to the Hamam is usually installed without a threshold, and the temperature in such a bath requires a great seal.
Such glass door can be in different shades, from bronze to bluish, that will give your bath a more spectacular view. But most importantly, is its aesthetic component. Glass door for the bath must be resistant to corrosion and deformation, easy in opening and closing, as well as moisture proof and heat-resistant.
Typically, the glass door to the Hamam is a double or single, some of these models there are magnetic catch and drain condensate to the Hammam. Glass thickness also varies between different models of the door leaf.

 By the door to the Hamam in Almaty in the company “Pinocchio and" where you can enjoy the Hammam door at an affordable price. Any you are interested in info HERE.


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