Pink Himalayan salt: create your own unique design paired with health benefits. - buy in Almaty and Kazakhstan: price, cost in "Pinocchio"
  1. Pink Himalayan salt: create your own unique design paired with health benefits.

Pink Himalayan salt: create your own unique design paired with health benefits.

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A door for baths and saunas glass-190*70 cm

A door for baths and saunas glass-190*70 cm

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People are at all times treated the bath with special reverence, seeking to recreate it the best for yourself, carefully thinking about its finish and design.
And the use of environmentally friendly natural materials for the pair welcomed even by our ancestors, because they are beneficial to our health.
Today bath the world is pleased another new feature – pink Himalayan salt for bath and sauna.
That ordinary salt helps a person to get rid of various diseases, we know.
What is Himalayan pink salt for baths and saunas? What are its advantages, how to correctly use the steam room and why, finally, is it pink?
Himalayan salt – this is a truly unique gift of nature, which contains over 84 minerals and trace elements such as iron, calcium, magnesium, copper, iodine. It is extracted from the foothills of the Himalayan mountains, and its unusual color acquired through volcanic processes. It does not even have any – or harmful impurities, because it is extracted naturally, without the use of explosives.
Also Himalayan salt contains about 200 chemicals which are not only necessary for human health, but they fully absorbed.

Himalayan salt in Almaty can be applied in such fields as construction, decoration, beauty, medicine, cooking and more.
If we talk about the construction, Himalayan salt is used for the construction of salt rooms, salt caves, salt walls, for the construction of baths and saunas.
Let's take a closer look at the past and talk about the baths and saunas. If you want to add a touch of creativity in the interior design of your steam room, the Himalayan pink salt for baths as the best way to perform this task.
There are several ways to use this mineral for baths or saunas.
The easiest and most affordable option-is to hang a small amount of salt in a special decorative Cup and hang over the sink or stove. We also offer salt lamps that you can put in the rest room or any other room.

another option – decorating bathroom walls with special bricks.
And finally, the most exclusive but also the most expensive option – is the creation of decorative panels on the walls or on the floor of the steam room. And if you captivate luxury and refinement in the interior, beautiful lighting Himalayan salt on the back side panel will look just amazing.
Some bath attendants confused by the appearance of the mineral, because looking at the translucent panels of Himalayan salt one can doubt their strength, and absolutely nothing.
The fact is that because of its natural features, panels of Himalayan salt manufactured by special technology, have such a high density that can withstand the strongest load.
Blocks from the salt crystals can withstand temperatures up to 550 C, without failing. Warming, they emit into the air these negative ions, creating a similar marine climate, which positively affects the immune, respiratory and nervous systems of the body.
Also, the mineral has so high heat resistance that it can even be used for finishing of the heater, which will increase the positive effects of fumes from the salt on the body.
Before you buy Himalayan salt in Almaty for its steam, it is important to consider the following nuances. Himalayan pink salt for the bath all a good course, but it is more suitable for the rest room in the bath than to the steam. This is because this mineral is afraid of high humidity over 53 %, and can become impregnated with moisture and succumb to destruction.
Another thing is the sauna, Himalayan pink salt for sauna – this is ideal where decorating is suitable to absolutely all surfaces, including floors, ceiling and walls.
And remember that the pink Himalayan salt sauna(or sauna) requires permanent ventilation of the room, so if you decide to use the finish sauna or the rest room it was her, take care of proper ventilation.
In conclusion, I want to add that pink bar of Himalayan salt, will not only be an exquisite decoration for the interior of your bath or sauna, but will also strengthen your health.
Because the use of Himalayan salt in the sauna or the relaxation room, no matter whether it's salt blocks, lamp or a handful of salt in a special Cup is very large. Under the influence of heat this natural material ionizes the air, giving the health beneficial effect.
The use of Himalayan salt has preventive and curative in cardiovascular diseases, impaired metabolism, depression, nervous disorders, asthma, bronchitis, herpes, psoriasis, disorders of the digestive system and weakened immunity. It also helps to prevent premature aging, because the penetration of negatively charged ions into the skin which helps to rejuvenate the body.
If you want to buy Himalayan salt in Almaty inexpensive from the company “Pinocchio and”, please apply online at our website ( or contact our managers in the section “contacts”.

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