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  1. Modern mini-saunas in Almaty and why to buy such a dream for everyone.

Modern mini-saunas in Almaty and why to buy such a dream for everyone.

Things to buy
A door for baths and saunas glass-190*70 cm

A door for baths and saunas glass-190*70 cm

29 500 Tenge
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Modern mini-saunas in Almaty for installation in homes, cottages and even apartments ─ a luxurious opportunity to afford useful and pleasant relaxation and healing when you want it, without leaving your cozy home. You must agree that is a truly relaxing bathing holiday can be only when there are no strangers, after taking steam you do not need to withstand the road from the baths to the house and pay you also don't owe anyone anything. Such opportunities gives a private steam room. But to have a traditional bath can afford not everyone, but buy mini-sauna in Almaty has now become incredibly simple. Her sauna in the apartment-is easy!
Primary differences between buying a mini-sauna in Almaty from the construction of a traditional sauna
A traditional sauna, it is a nice luxury, but the trouble with such a steam room is usually a lot. The difficulties begin during the construction phase, then ─ the choice of the equipment for baths of all types, after choosing the furnace for a bath, and here too there are complications, and ends with every time yourself need to melt a huge steam room, and after dry, and all to follow, and to take care of this object.
The advantages of buying mini-saunas in Almaty for installation in a house or apartment:
•    does not require a separate land plot;
•    is very compact, which ready set mini-sauna can be installed almost in any apartment (in a separate room, in the pantry, on the balcony, in the bedroom, etc.);
•    ease of use ─ does not require special effort to quickly and efficiently melt the steam room;
•    efficiency ─ you can choose the size of a mini-sauna that suits your family or circle of friends you plan to indulge in an enjoyable pastime, thus the waste of energy will correspond to the number receiving bath people, in the case of a traditional bath, to heat up a whole large steam room, even if you take baths is planning one or two people.
•    solidity ─ modern types of mini-saunas in Almaty has a very stylish design which harmoniously fits into any interior, reflecting the originality of the owner of the home and its love for exquisite stay.
What is a mini-sauna.

Standard design of any model of the mini-saunas in Almaty consists of the following elements:
•    box-base (walls, floor, ceiling) ─ can be made of wood, which the customer chooses according to your taste and the size of the budget, or made of special heat resistant tempered glass;
•    doors ─ doors to choose baths in Almaty from the tree or learn about bath glass doors and their features.
•    heat generators;
•    automation.
Some outdoor space on the outer perimeter of a steam room can also be decorated with special materials which are comfortable and safe to walk barefoot with wet feet. This is the decking and its species, many of which are perfectly suited to any type of interior.


depending on the allotted mini-sauna space, a compact home steam room can accommodate at least 2 people of 4 or more. In the very limited working space, but with a great love of the owners to rest and recovery, installed fonts and their varieties.

•    without the outer skin;
•    one external wall;
•    with two external walls;
•    with three external walls;
•    all the walls are external.
Other features:
•    absolute integrity;
•    electric powered work items.
•    the ability to embed the infrared elements;
•    built-in seats.
•    the ability to embed audio, etc.
Where to buy mini-sauna in Almaty?
The most modern types of mini-saunas in Almaty, the company offers “Pinocchio"! And by significant arguments for you to prefer our team of professionals are the REVIEWS of our customers who enjoy this homemade bath stay!

Mini-sauna in Almaty from "Pinocchio" ─ the mobile opportunity to give yourself a decent rest!

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