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Who doesn't want her! Own bath!

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A door for baths and saunas glass-190*70 cm

A door for baths and saunas glass-190*70 cm

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WHO doesn`T? OWN BATH!!!

In today`s society it is fashionable to look after their health, to eat healthy food, exercise and of course to take SPA treatments or simply to walk in BATH.

In the bath I go with friends and families on occasion and without, and of course many people want to have their own place to rest and restore strength and health. Almost 90% of people living in your own home light up with the desire to have a private bath or sauna. And here begins the construction business is extremely addictive, especially when you build for yourself. But what is quite natural from people have a lot of questions – what materials to choose, how many you need and many other subtleties with answers that can only be professional. Not many people know about how to build a sauna. What are the main stages of its construction? Of course, as each building bath must stand on a certain place that will have a deep drawdown of the soil, to avoid the destruction of the premises.
it is Necessary to clearly determine the place for a bath. Then you need to pick up, depending on the soil type suitable Foundation. It can be a belt or a bar. Also employees PINOCCHIO pay attention to what you need to consider what type of structure you have - the lightweight version or the more solid and weighted.
Naturally, the next stage of construction baths will be the construction of the walls themselves, which are built either traditionally made of wooden logs, which, when heated, exudes the fragrance of the forest and freshly cut wood, besides, the tree keeps the body warm and has the ability to breathe. Or of other materials such as splinternye blocks or brick, but the finish is all smooth wood.

Consider and decide just where they will be placed Windows & entrance. Give the bath in that condition to dry, then seal cracks and crevices.
And here came the roof for a bath. It can be a gable or shed roof with an interesting ridge at the top. You can now start folding the furnace and interior decoration of baths, and also the creation of a specific kind of individual interior internal areas!
If You are confident in your abilities, you need to take the help of professionals because they can create really high-quality bath for a short period of time and choose the right materials. So in the winter it was easier to go to the sauna, the entrance usually make the South side. The ingress from the street to the steam room to the cold air prevents the dressing room, which serves as our locker room a place of rest after the sauna. In order to keep heat inside the building, window and door to the dressing room, make small size. The door from the changing room to the steam room should open inward to preclude the ingress of moisture in the clothes. Today in fashion glass doors, these doors are the most durable and beautiful. Tempered glass, glass patterns, frosted with fusing and this is not a complete range of doors presented by our company.

Speaking about the quality of ventilation, it is an integral part of any room. The presence of extracts in the dressing room is mandatory. to Make a vapor barrier between the layer of insulation and boards on the ceiling is necessary.
the Aesthetic appearance of the bath, duration of operation, stay in General depend on the interior finishes. For finishing baths choose the lining of lime, birch, fir, spruce, pine. In the company of Pinocchio You will be able to find a great selection of lining offer is valid for Almaty and throughout Kazakhstan.

Paint finish it is recommended that the special water-repellent coatings, which are well absorbed and do not have a specific smell. Interior of a waiting room should have a pleasant time to be cozy and comfortable. Table, hangers and a bench for the rest are standard fitment for the changing room that will provide convenience and functionality. If necessary, you can change the design, posting and other items. Do not use fabric furniture, prefer leather or imitation leather, which does not absorb moisture and is easily wiped off. Wet the sofa is unlikely to place you to rest. of Course, to add to the design of baths of different prints and bright elements is not necessary, leaving only the opportunity to watch the soft light and natural shade of a tree.

as serious enough to own their own bath and suited to the choice of furniture and accessories. In the company of Pinocchio presented and all the facilities of a modern bath. The so-called bath furniture and cooperage are made from quality wood and environmentally friendly material. The variety of assortment includes orthopedic supplies for convenient evaporation and designer hangers, necessary thermometers, timers, buckets, ladles. By the way, in the company Pinocchio the largest range of oven stones, here You can find Imperial jade, and porcelain balls and Royal quartz filling the bath useful for the body with ozone. Come to Pinocchio and select all for competent construction and a comfortable stay.

All in your hands, act, bring to life your own original ideas. Light a couple and relaxing in the bath, made according to your taste!

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