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  1. Fonts in Almaty and their varieties.

Fonts in Almaty and their varieties.

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A door for baths and saunas glass-190*70 cm

A door for baths and saunas glass-190*70 cm

29 500 Tenge
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Various fonts in Almaty for installation in baths, saunas and a mini-saunas ─ simple and convenient way to Supplement bath stay crisp useful procedure contrast rinsing. This comfortable vessel filled with crystal clear water, which are a pleasure to dive after heady, relaxing hot steam of the steam room. Also, as with any equipment for baths of all kinds, modern fonts in Almaty made of high quality materials that are protected from deformation, the appearance of fungi and similar problems. The user has only to choose the most suitable size and appearance, model and enjoy the full bath experience!
Varieties of fonts in Almaty.
In ancient times in the traditional Russian bathhouse culture fonts were often ordinary barrels, made from wood. Now in Almaty font makes of various materials to each model was the best way to approach a particular type of baths, be it the usual steam rooms, Hammam or modern mini-sauna in Almaty for embedding in the apartment.
The types of fonts in Almaty on materials:
•    hardwood (oak, cedar, larch, beech);
•    plastic;
•    concrete;
•    metal;
•    composite.
The types of fonts in Almaty in the form:
•    round.
•    oval;
•    square;
•    corner.
Varieties by way of the installation design
•    open a separate design;
•    is installed with a hollow in the ground/pit.
•    font oblivnye kind or spray tanks mount to the wall ─ tubs, replacing a douche.
The full range of most popular fonts in Almaty, refer to the product catalog of the company "Pinocchio" ─ Interview and fonts.
Where and at what price to purchase the font in Almaty?
A tub made of wood of the best quality, skilfully executed by craftsmen of high-class offers in Almaty, the company "Pinocchio"! We will help you choose for your steam room ideal font that matches the bath size, style, and usage. We will deliver products and offer the best in the region price. On average, a good font is the most popular size is a value in the range of 200-250 thousand tenge. For details, refer to the product catalogue. All depends on the material and method of installation.

to buy ready-made font in Almaty from the company “Pinocchio” click “SEND REQUEST" or contact our wizards in the CONTACT section!

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