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  1. Equipment for saunas in Almaty and its contrast to the equipment for baths.

Equipment for saunas in Almaty and its contrast to the equipment for baths.

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A door for baths and saunas glass-190*70 cm

A door for baths and saunas glass-190*70 cm

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Surf the Internet and trying to find original equipment for sauna in Almaty or to get more useful information about the arrangement of the steam rooms!

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However, in setting up the sauna, it is important to take into account every detail and every detail to all the mechanisms in the future worked harmoniously and smoothly, and the appearance of steam for a long time remained attractive, regardless of changes in temperature and level of humidity. In particular, it is worth considering the difference between the traditional Russian steam bath and a modern sauna, the selection of relevant items and accessories.
Differences equipment saunas in Almaty from equipment traditional baths.
The main difference between the baths and saunas is in the way of process of evaporation.

Bath. So, in the traditional Russian sauna the main constituent of the process of purification and recovery is high humidity and high teploprovodnosti (2 more SEM dry). The average temperature maintained in the range from 55 to 70 degrees. In a steam room not so much rest, how many performed the necessary cleaning procedures and steamed.

For bringing such Russian baths are more used wood that fit perfectly into the overall appearance of a traditional Russian steam, give incomparable pleasure woody fragrance. Doors for baths of this type are made of such species of trees like aspen, spruce, pine, Linden, alder, cedar and oak. On the other hand, increased humidity, which differs from the bath to the sauna, sometimes makes the most practical owners of steam rooms to put glass doors. It is believed that they are more durable, as resistant to moisture. However, the accessories however are wooden, either made from different types of natural stone. Other items must be tubs and drawers for detergents, brooms and other utensils for washing.

a Sauna. Sauna, also called Finnish sauna, operates a little differently. Humidity it is usually not more than 20 percent, but the temperature sometimes warms up from 100 to 150 degrees. The process of vaporization is due to the alternation of cold water and a couple of dry type.

Because the items in sauna equipment in Almaty should be made with the use of such modern materials that would not overheat and does not burn, to avoid the equipment damage or burns. Doors for saunas in Almaty most often selected universal ─ wood with glass inserts in the window. The tree is resistant to elevated temperature, and the transparency of the glass elements provides the possibility of control over what is happening in the sauna when there children spend time. But the brooms are irrelevant, because of the high temperatures to dry and crumble, and not in the tradition of the Finnish sauna custom is steamed with brooms.

But, with equipment and sauna equipment in Almaty by all the rules, you will need to take into account the presence of a classic sauna, a massage room and a mandatory addition ─ pool. Therefore, implementing the Almaty equipment for saunas and their additional zones, manufacturers and suppliers offer
•    units the cascading shower of the type “waterfall”;
•    wall mounted shower panel;
•    tables for SPA treatments;
•    massage tables;
•    bathrooms and shape, replacing large pools when the area of the sauna is limited.
Ordering of equipment for saunas in Almaty from "Pinocchio"
The best modern models of equipment for saunas in Almaty from manufacturers of Russia and Europe, the company offers “Pinocchio"!

Experienced consultants will help you choose the products that best fit your type of saunas and organically fit into the overall stylistic look conceived design.

Simply send your request right now on a special page of our website marked this link and our staff will contact you to assist in the selection and ordering products!

the Equipment for saunas in Almaty from the company "Pinocchio" ─ durable and attractive products at affordable prices!

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