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  1. A bucket of cold water in the steam – General characteristics and installation.

A bucket of cold water in the steam – General characteristics and installation.

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A door for baths and saunas glass-190*70 cm

A door for baths and saunas glass-190*70 cm

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Who has ever been to a Russian bathhouse knows that the standard list of pleasures in the steam room – this is a good first steam, then cool off by jumping into the nearest font, snow or pool, and even after all of this you can take a break, have a Cup of tea with herbs.
Cool of course, if at least one of these objects for water immersion near the steam room. In other cases a superior alternative for water sessions will be oblivnye device for a bath.

What is it?

Wooden bucket for a bath is fitted with brackets, hoops and a rotational system that allows you to attach it to the wall or ceiling in the steam room. Axis allows to bend the bucket around her, after all, placed horizontally, is higher than the center of gravity of the bucket of water. These buckets are equipped with a special system that allows to supply fresh water automatically.

In order that a person easily could throw a full bucket of water is provided in the device chain or rope. The effort applied to the chain or rope, adjust the water (waterfall or stream).

Oblivnye device for baths the types and material of manufacture.

Almost all of the Cooper pair devices, and oblivnye bucket including, built of cedar, oak or hardwood timber. The demand for such tree species because of their resistance to water is extremely high, and as a result they are durable. Popular oblivnye bucket of larch, because of its effectiveness and great performance.
 Also a separate building there are systems for baths can be constructed from basswood, alder or birch, and that buckets are not cracked in the operation, they are coated with a specialized plastic.

Regarding the choice oblivnye systems for steam, everything is very simple and to buy them is not difficult. In all of Kazakhstan there are specialized stores, selling a huge number oblivnye buckets for baths with different capacity, colors and designs.

In any of the stores in Almaty, Karaganda and Astana presents a huge assortment of buckets for baths capacity from 10 to 50 liters, operating on the principle of – pulled a chain or rope and splashed himself with cool water.
The price of bath products with cold water varies from 20 000 to 100 000 tenge. Some people can create oblivnye device for baths with your hands, but this requires some knowledge.

Installation oblivnye device.

Install oblivnye bucket is not difficult, but you need to pay attention to the following nuances.

1.Ideal for oblivnye bucket of bath – sink, at a height of about 2 meters. You can still set a separate building there are products on the street, but  in view of the fact that treatments are taken inside, it is desirable that the bucket was there.

2. If you have a shower in the bath, you can put a bucket of cold water next to it, but it will cause some discomfort, in case of taking bath sessions with other people. So if there is no lack of space, install oblivnye device at a distance from the soul.

3. Oblivnye unit requires proper care, especially if there is a coating of plastic on the inside. In moments of washing in the bathhouse valves are closed and the bucket becomes empty, which can lead to it drying up and cracking and water leakage.
Therefore, before washing, three hours, pour water into bucket, what will the wood swell and eliminate gaps.

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