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  1. We conquered the Peak of the Youth!

We conquered the Peak of the Youth!

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A door for baths and saunas glass-190*70 cm

A door for baths and saunas glass-190*70 cm

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“Better than mountains can be only mountains, which have not yet been!”

Perhaps all of us know this famous phrase of the iconic Soviet poet Vladimir Vysotsky, which clearly shows all the greatness and the worship of such a great creation of nature as the mountains!

It is difficult to find a person who would be indifferent to the mountains, because almost all we love the outdoors and mountains in particular! Even if you hold a comic experiment and ask a few passers-by that they have for the mountains, indifferent answer you'll get! Some will say that they love the conquest of the mountain ridges, others emphasize their beauty, power, and the centuries-old wisdom, but don't forget to give the guidance that in the mountains you need to be careful, and still others just dreamy sigh, remembering one of their picnic in the fresh mountain air!

Mountains – this is a special world, a territory of freedom, where everything is different than in the city! This amazing area on the planet where people feel – truly free and happy! Of course, in the mountain world all people can be divided into professionals, Amateurs and beginners where the problem is everyone is different! Some are professional climbers with special equipment and great experience in climbing to different peaks, and the Amateurs and beginners are the people who choose active rest, as a great way to escape from the bustle of the city and to plunge into the magical world of nature.

The attractiveness of the Almaty mountains touched the hearts of our employees “Pinocchio and”, who on Sunday went to the MOUNTAINS!

And it is not just stopped at the mountain stream, a few kilometers from the city where you can fry barbecue and chat with colleagues, and went on to conquer the ‘Youth peak”.

For the uninitiated, this place is located in the fork of Little – Almaty ridge (Comblike ridge), between the gorges of Kumbelsu and Small Almaty. Its total length – 2, 5 km and 2 sq km, where the summit offers splendid views of the Nursultan peak and the nearest peaks.

By the way, for the first time at the Youth ascended the peak of the group of instructors from the mountaineering camp “Tuyuk-su" in the distant 1940.

So early Sunday morning, with a backpack, our colleagues bravely went forth. In the way of difficulties have arisen, although the guys certainly had periodically to stop and take breath and go on! Reaching the ultimate goal, they pitched a tent and enjoyed the fresh mountain air and experience the unforgettable feeling of victory!

According to one of them, at this stage, the person feels completely happy, when you realize that all the effort was worth it this condition, when you reach the goal and inside, like everything is updated!

Finally I want to add that our company “Pinocchio and It” again and again encourages people to lead an active lifestyle, play sports, undertake Hiking in the mountains, and of course to visit the bathhouse!

Spend your day off outside the box, creatively and with advantage for health, received a lot of pleasant impressions! After all, sitting at home watching TV is so boring and useless!

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