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Fitobochka – a brilliant recreation microbank in your home.

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A door for baths and saunas glass-190*70 cm

A door for baths and saunas glass-190*70 cm

29 500 Tenge
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In modern society it has become fashionable to be interested in a healthy lifestyle that fiercely promoted in different media and in everyday life of almost everyone.

And this is absolutely correct, because our society lives in a rapid pace and the incessant rush of the eternal worries and things, trying to achieve all maximum heights in building families and careers.

People want as much as possible to be slim, energetic and attractive and therefore resort to such contrivances as proper nutrition, fitness-centers, Hiking or Biking, and even using different vitamins and herbs.

Important role this chain plays a visit to the bathhouse or sauna, because all you know about her benevolent influence on the human body.

However, a real chance to take regular bath sessions is not at all, because not everyone can build their own steam room on the site, and to visit the public baths, not everyone has the time. Fortunately there is a brilliant alternative to the classic Russian bathhouse, which is called the barrel.

What is the barrel and what are its advantages?

Externally – is a barrel, which is a font horizontal or vertical form, which operates steam mixed with oils and herb extracts. When a person is in the container, his head is outside and the body inside that helps prevent uplifting pressure – heat of the head and reduces the likelihood of malicious effects of warming.

To conserve the desired temperature in the design of autotermination and specialized cable. Steam filling the barrel with this cable controls the temperature.

A key part of home steam room is a steam generator for drums, without which to conduct Spa – a session will not work because the mechanism and dries the steam, which is famous for its healing qualities. The steam generator is constructed of plastic and metal, where is a preference for the latter.

The special features and benefits such drums include the following:

The moisture content in these barrels is nearly 100% (in the Russian steam room is about 60 %, and in the sauna about 10 %).

You can set any temperature regime.

Equivalent pairs distributed in space

There is no load on the respiratory system and head vessels

The portable design allows you to place it in almost any structure, even in the apartment.

All steam drums are classified by sizes, shapes and materials. However, concerning the material of the top place for use in different places is a hot tub made of cedar. She is the preferred by most fitness-centers and SPA-salons of Kazakhstan, highlighting the beauty of the cedar and its brilliant performance and healing qualities. And the price of such procedures is not high, for example, in some cities such as Astana, Taraz, Almaty, Pavlodar, the average cost of these barrels is about 5000 KZT for the procedure. If you are planning to buy a barrel for private use in their own house or apartment, it is best to order it from trusted manufacturers. In such cases, consider the features of the building, an imaginary form and the desired number of visitors. You can also view reviews on cedar barrel for complacency.

In addition to the cedar barrel is constructed from wood of larch, pine and oak, where stands out the barrel from larch because of its strength, the resistance to aggressive environment and durability.

Sizes and shapes distinguish sessile and horizontal structures, which are equipped with sturdy armrests and benches, making treatments in the steam room the most comfortable. Sedentary barrels come in square, oval and round, where the only requirement-sealed neck hole.

 How is the procedure of interview and what is its effect on the body?

Before a session you need to remove all jewellery and take a shower.

During the procedure, a person sits, where it adapted armrests and a bench, his head is outside the barrel, where it was excluded from the steam towels and sheets placed along the cervical. The procedure is therefore heats the head, which is important for hypertensive patients.

This session is a great option for those who no matter takes hot steam. The procedure itself lasts about 15 minutes, relieving the body over the period of about 500 grams of weight and 1, 5 liquid.

To replenish water after a session is to drink a herbal infusion or tea, and take a shower after the barrel is not necessary, because herbal substances settled on the skin, will act more than one hour.

Hot tub made of cedar, as of the other varieties of wood, perfectly proven in the cure of various ailments: it perfectly enhances the immune system, eliminating the constant fatigue syndrome and restoring sleep. This is a super way to eliminate cellulite and excess weight. She has a calming effect on people with illnesses of the nervous system, and it is an excellent tool for the prevention of viral diseases is good and clears the skin, dilating and cleansing pores.

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