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  1. Some valuable tips for decorating the interior of the bath!

Some valuable tips for decorating the interior of the bath!

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A door for baths and saunas glass-190*70 cm

A door for baths and saunas glass-190*70 cm

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What better way to relieve irritation and fatigue after a hectic everyday life than camping in favorite bathhouse!

And to make your stay perfect, it is important not only to build, but  the interior to think thoroughly.
In ancient times, all the pairs were almost identical: a fun low cabin wood stove, small Windows and high ceilings.

Their modern counterparts is fundamentally different from its predecessors, and increasingly, we see an interesting pair with an unusual design.
Today for the doubles, there are different styles, the most popular among which are the following:

Russian style. A classic of the genre, ideal for saunas made of logs. Here there is massive furniture made of wood, curtains with lace, round the samovar, soft broom and painted utensils.

The Oriental style. This is for those who love luxury and showiness, and that's it. This style involves intricate lamps, enamels and colored mosaic, table with chairs on carved legs, and maybe even striking the chest.

The style of Provence. It is a trend for people who seek comfort. Here usually there are forged items or hand made decor, and everything in the room done in bright colours.

The Scandinavian style. This is a simple style with no frills. We are talking about a restrained and functional interior. The horns of a deer, for example, replace the hanger, sheepskin – polovice, and stones or dried branches – a picture.

Of course, there are many other quite popular styles for saunas and steam rooms: high – for instance, loft, modern, fusion, classical.
There is one important rule: regardless of the selected style solutions, all bathing room should be made in the same style to avoid dissonance.

General guidelines for arrangement of design bath:

The standard bath consists of a dressing room, bathroom, relaxation rooms and steam rooms. There are certain guidelines for the design of each of these areas to your bath makes you really excited.

The design of the dressing room.

Dressing room – with bath and originates, so it can be called the hallmark of the steam room. Moreover, a buffer zone, not allowing to enter the cold air from the street to the other bath room.
To give it a special charm to follow the following tips:
Humidity and temperature are reasonable, so as facing materials suitable block-house or siding and PVC panels.
Lighting should be done evenly and not bright. To do this, the perimeter of the room at equal distance to mount several lamps with a capacity from 60 to 100 watts.
Bath furniture for this room should be functional and practical. Appropriate here chairs, surround a mirror, stand for shoes and hanger. A good idea would be to install a wardrobe where you can store various household paraphernalia, the hats for sauna, Slippers, towels, tablecloths and bath cosmetics.

The design of the steam room

Steam room – this is the main room in the bath, because it is expelled from the body, every illness, and the person relaxes. Here lives the magic giving man beauty, health and youthfulness. So, what you need to know about the steam room.
In the facing of the space you can use only wood, as it is environmentally friendly, and other materials simply do not survive the aggressive environment of the bath and begins to produce harmful substances. The best types of wood for these purposes will be basswood, cedar and aspen.
Oven is to choose carefully, special attention paying to its quality, because the stove – the heart of steam.
Bath furniture is not really needed. The high interior can be supplemented with graceful head restraints, accessories broom, buckets, stands  for legs, a spectacular zaparniki.
But bath shelf should be required. This structure at three or two levels in order that people could choose their desired temperature. They are made of lime tree wood, cedar, abachi and aspen.
Lighting. In the steam room the bright light is contraindicated, so aim for soft lighting. An excellent option would be a pair of lamps in the field regiments, and one above the door.
The door to the steam room suitable for both wood and glass, depending on your preference.

Design the washer.

Washing room speaks for itself, here are water treatments. And in order that the washroom was the most comfortable you need to consider the following points:
The specific climate of the room dictates its terms, so the walls in her veneer siding wood, and softwood or ceramic tiles.
On the floors in the bathroom building the trail is the granite rough, simulating a fibrous woody texture.
There must be plumbing equipment. Depending on the size of the structure in the room for washing you can put a sink or a corner box for the soul. If the area is small, you can set oblivnye bucket, plunge pool or sump.
In respect of furniture in the washroom will be enough for a couple of couch for massage and sunbeds. The first need for healing and beauty treatments, and the second relaxation between water sessions.
For lighting here is better suited to LEDs because they operate in wet conditions. Place them on a certain parameter, but on their own style, creating a stunning ensemble. Remember that the IP of the lamp should be about 65.
Decor. Highlight the selected area will help to elaborate buckets and tubs, Slippers, sponges and washcloths, fancy mittens and extravagant thermometers.

The design of the Lounges

If earlier friendly gatherings took place in the dressing room, now for a rest room. So what should you consider in her design?
As a veneer, you can choose any material, although experts still advise battens of wood, which can be combined with kamushkami, and will look very impressive.
For lighting there is suitable dimmable devices, because the bright glow will cheer you up, muffled and mellow. Also for the premises appropriate number of lamps: device for ceiling  with wall or floor appliances will look harmonious.
For furniture fit comfortable sofa, nice Desk and easy chair.
If square footage allows, you can build a delicatessen. For example: for example set for kitchen with Breakfast bar. Also here will look nice karaoke, TV, music centre or table tennis.

In Kazakhstan, the bath culture is quite developed, because in just one city of Almaty is over 300 years of various kinds. Regarding the commercial baths, you'll find a massive steam rooms, in several floors in different styles, and small bathhouse created for people who seek peace and privacy. Many seek to build their own steam to visit it at any convenient time. If you want to arrange the interior of your bath in an unusual style, it is best to consult with the designer and discussed with him all the details and cost of the future interior steam room. And then you go to the store to buy everything you need.

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