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  1. Mobibu MB - 22m(furnace)
 Mobibu MB - 22m(furnace)

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Mobibu MB - 22m(furnace)

Article: mobiba mb - 22

Optimal in their characteristics winter tent and mobile bath for year-round operation. Opens the class professional mobile baths from a reinforced frame of a closed-loop scheme with the lower piping on the perimeter.

Probably the most rigid and most durable product of all products that are produced today by the company Mobila.This is because the power circuit based on tubes made of alloy D16T with a diameter of 16 mm with outer steel adapters. But the product has a relatively compact size compared to other tents Mobibu class “Pro”. This tent can be compared with the walnut shells.

It could disrupt a hurricane with wind braces, but, as practice shows, not losing thus its geometry and retains its shape even if it is carried away by the wind on the field.

Thus, if carefully fasten wind delays, carefully hammer the stakes into the ground, dusted apron sand (snow) or to pin him with stones, then in a tent to wait out a pretty strong wind, without fear that the tent would break.

But this does not absolve the user from the need to ensure that during heavy snowfall regularly clear the snow from the roof. Because a cubic meter of wet snow weighs about a ton and a lot will not sustain any tent. Even the roofs of fixed structures is able to suffer from the snow caps. So you need to take care of his tent and periodically swipe with its the roof snow.

the rest can be assured that you possess one of the most durable tents, which only occur in nature. )))

Maliba MB-22, as its title suggests has a 2-layer outdoor tent for two of the longitudinal passage and the inner tent suspended on 2 flights.

it Can be argued that of all the winter tents Pro-class MB-22 not only has the highest relative strength, but also the easiest installation. This is because the tent has optimum dimensions base 2000 x 2000 mm. the Outer tent can easily throw even one person without assistance.

Cost : 255 000 Tenge
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