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  1. Evrovagonka larch grade "Economy"
Evrovagonka larch grade "Economy"

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Evrovagonka larch grade "Economy"

Article: Эконом
Lining referred to as the boards that are processed with grooves and spikes on the edge with four equal sides, whereby the facing surfaces treated with this material is made without fastenings and joints.

The lining of larch-a unique material for covert and external plating of different structures, including saunas and steam rooms.

The advantages of larch can refer to: a bold, intense yellow, flame-resistant, extraordinary durability, moisture resistance and excellent heat storage.

Cost : 1 700 Tenge
  • Grade Эконом
  • Thickness 15 мм.
  • Width 85 мм.
  • Length 2 м.
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